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Webb-SHARE: Celebrating our Victorian Astronomy Heritage

A 3-year project led by ‘The Share Initiative’ and funded by the Heritage Lottery.  Webb-Share celebrated the lives of three Victorian astronomers – Rev Thomas William Webb, Rev Henry Cooper Key and George Henry With – who all lived in Herefordshire in the mid-nineteenth century.

Webb was the Vicar of Hardwicke and a great populariser of astronomy (the ‘Patrick Moore’ of his day).  Key was Rector of Stretton Sugwas and an early telescope pioneer and inventor. With was Head Teacher at the Blue Coat School who made over 200 mirrors for amateur telescopes.

The project included training workshops for volunteer researchers, digitisation and transcription of the Webb-Ranyard letters, telescope renovations, star parties, museum loan boxes for schools, family learning events, exhibitions, talking tactile diagrams for visually-impaired learners, and a DVD with signing and subtitles for hearing-impaired learners.

Over 8000 people were involved in Webb-Share by June 2010.

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